LiveCode 4.6.2 Released

Heather Nagey heather at
Fri Jun 24 09:19:26 EDT 2011

Dear List Members,

I’m delighted to announce the release of LiveCode 4.6.2 which is now  
available to download.  If you have a 4.6 LiveCode license, you will  
be able to download this update for free from your account.

In addition to upgrades in the desktop engine and some important bug  
fixes, LiveCode 4.6.2 includes the much anticipated release of our  
externals interface for iOS. This interface allows you to extend the  
existing iOS feature set using a lower level language like C, C++ or  
Objective C.  Follow the link below for full information on how to  
install this SDK and get started writing your own externals. We’ve  
provided some examples for you and helpful video to walk you through  
the process.

LiveCode iOS externals:

Full details of all the new features are given in the release notes  
accompanying this release.


The release notes for LiveCode 4.6.2 are available here:

The release notes for LiveCode 4.6.2 for Android can be found here:

And finally the release notes for LiveCode 4.6.2 for iOS can be  
downloaded via this link:

I hope you enjoy all the new features, refinements and fixes in  
LiveCode 4.6.2!

Warm Regards


Heather Nagey
Customer Services Manager
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