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On 6/23/11 12:23 PM, Pete wrote:
> Now I can add "symmetric difference" to my extremely small vocabulary of set
> theory terms!

Yeah, I'd never heard of it either. Now I can sound smart. :)

> Largely academic at this point but there is a variation to the
> array solution that Jacque and I offered which does it all in one repeat
> loop:
> put tlist1&  cr&  tlist2 into tlist3
> repeat with x=1 to the number of lines in tlist3
>    if  line x of tlist3 is among the keys of tarray then
>      delete variable tarray[line x of tlist3]
>    else
>      put true into tarray[line x of tlist3]
>    end if
> end repeat

Use "repeat for each" instead of a counter. I don't have the benchmarks, 
but it is somewhere between a gazillion and a bazillion times faster. 
I've become a little compulsive about it, since except for the very 
shortest of lists, the speed difference is so great.

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