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Pete pete at
Wed Jun 22 18:09:48 EDT 2011

I had this issue a while back. The "last group" construct doesn't always
return the id of the last created group for some reason.  I got round it
with this code:

   *put* the last line of the groupIDs of this card into myGroupID

I'm nervous about how reliable this is but it seems to be working fine so
far so fingers crossed (oops, in view of other recent posts on this thread,
maybe that wasn't the best choice of words!).

Molly's Revenge <>

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 5:43 AM, Nicolas Cueto <niconiko at> wrote:

> > as odd finger tricks won't help much (listmom anyone)...
> Malte, wish you'd told me sooner. Wasn't sure which finger to use. So
> tried them all. But all I got in return for my discomfort were stinky
> fingers. BTW, wasn't that the title of a Stones album?
> > try
> >
> > reset the templateGroup
> >
> > before you regroup the controls.
> I'll give it a try tomorrow.
> Actually, the ideal solution for what I'm after would be if, after
> using the group command, the id of the new group got returned
> immediately to the script. Like happens with clone/create command. But
> instead was using "last group" as explained in the docs, except I'm
> grouping groups so had to instead count backwards the number of
> grouped groups. Which worked the first time I grouped the groups but
> not afterwards, because the groups get relayered when
> grouped-then-ungrouped.
> As confusing to describe as it was figuring out what the problem in my
> script was.
> And another BTW, since its you, Malte who replied. Part of the reason
> I'm grouping groups is to use the aeMoveTo command of AnimationEngine
> (yeah, AE!!). To recreate a tetris-like effect of a group of tiles
> dropping down.
> Anyway, as always, many thanks, Malte.
> --
> Nicolas Cueto
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