Wondering about LC and HTML5

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Jun 22 10:40:01 CDT 2011

Michael Kann wrote:

 > Richard,
 > You're the chess grandmaster thinking nine moves ahead. I'm just
 > trying to figure out how the pieces move. Thanks for trying to
 > figure out what that stupid paragraph was supposed to mean. All
 > I was really trying to say was that we might use LiveCode to
 > gather useful code from websites we like -- then reuse that code
 > in our own projects. What I should have said instead was, "If
 > Richard is talking about web programming, listen up."

That's very kind of you, but IMO such accolades should be reserved for 
Andre, who taught me a great deal about JavaScript while working with 
him on a project a couple years ago.  A few good examples from him 
opened by eyes to how to use JS effectively -- he's as good a teacher as 
he is a coder (even if he does pronounce "button" as "boohton" <g>).

But on the HTML stuff, I think you're right:  there are plenty of ways 
LiveCode can be employed to assist web production.  It may be daunting 
to try to make a general tool, and frankly I find many dynamic pages 
don't lend themselves well to GUI tools anyway, spending ever more time 
in a simple text editor.

But with all the libraries and other JS resources out there, and LC's 
wonderful text handling, there's almost no end to the ways we can boost 
our web production productivity with LC.

In fact, tempting as it's been to generalize things into some sort of 
Ultimate Tool, it's so easy building custom tools in LC that I often 
make custom web production tools on a per-project basis.

Tons of ROI to be discovered by putting LC to work with things that 
involve text manipulation....

PS: I actually very much suck at chess, but my ineptitude with the game 
doesn't stop me from enjoying it.  If anyone wants an easy win just 
bring a board to the next conference - I won't be able to resist, and 
will likely lose my queen in under 15 minutes. :)

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