Wondering about LC and HTML5

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Tue Jun 21 15:18:16 EDT 2011

Hi Terry and the rest,

Just finished a nice lunch with Jerry and Chris-- two people who have very
different takes on the subject, but both agree with Richard and most of you
regarding one thing: Learning Javascript is important.

Both these guys also know me, and know how I program. Like many of you, I
can typically knock out a standalone utility in a single sitting or two. I
tend to start and complete most customer projects in a few months. I can
develop an LC app for a fraction of the cost of our company developing a
Flex app-- and with the same functionality EXCEPT it won't run in a browser.
So, I asked both guys if they knew of any frameworks or IDE's for web apps
which allow for the speed of completion LC offers. Neither did. Anyone else
know or work with systems where the developer can be as effective in
knocking out small applications as they can in LC?

I end up wearing a bunch of different hats. Right now, I'm knee deep in
building custom WordPress themes for clients, and all the php and WP loop
lingo which goes with it (including a little JQuery, CSS, HTML, etc.). Next
week I may be working on Disney concept sketches and 3d models and after
that I may be working with Dan Shafer building online marketing strategies
and funnels to drive traffic to insurance company websites. Then I may go
five months not touching LC. The point is, I'm not a full time professional
developer who can afford to spend time digging deeply into different IDEs
and frameworks. There's just too much else to be done.

So, Terry, I tend to agree with you, "I think the reason why it is such a
torture to work with HTML5 is the lack of a good RAD tool. The guy who
figures out how to do that, is a soon to be rich guy."

I know there are no silver bullets-- it's just at my age and with my
schedule, I can't afford to make too many false starts-- and currently I
don't see the right guy and his HTML5 RAD tool app on the horizon.

If, on the otherhand, some of you are saying it's just not possible to
create such a RAD HTML5 tool, (doesn't have to be in LC) then I guess we'll
just have to disagree. Maybe not at this moment, but I someday expect to be
able to create similar projects, like the ones I do now, in HTML5-- just as
easily as I do now in LC. I hope I'm not dreaming. :-)

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