[OT] My first impressions of Chromebook

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Tue Jun 21 11:57:59 CDT 2011

I don't think I could abide the No Network - No Work thing. There are a lot of things I like to do with the iPad which do not require a network. Book reading for example. Also I like to map my progress on road trips. Playing games on a flight, or watching a movie or playing music, all things people like to do with their iPads when not connected to a network. How about when you are out camping, and there is no 3g? There are mapping apps that allow you to pre-download terrain maps for where you are going to be, so you can navigate without any networking. 

Because of this I do not think these kind of devices are a real competitor for iPads. They are in fact a different animal. I suspect though that Google will probably have some kind of caching thing built into them at some point, like they do now for Google Docs. People must be clamoring for this right now. 


On Jun 20, 2011, at 12:00 AM, Chipp Walters wrote:

> For those of you interested in Google's new, and fascinating Chromebook,
> here's my first thoughts after spending the weekend with one:
> http://blog.chipp.com/chromebook-first-impressions/
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