Wondering about LC and HTML5

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Tue Jun 21 01:17:31 EDT 2011


I just can't resist, this thread is just too good.

Here is a movie I just recorded:

As I said, the trick is to start by thinking that you are building a web
page, not a stack. In this little demo video, I show a simple web layout
stack with graphics, patterns, images, text and buttons. RevImpossible
converts this stack to a valid web page. I show the page and the source code
for the page. It is all very clean.

I am not yet converting code of any type, right now my focus is to convert
the layout. After the layout is right, I have a plan about doing the coding
part but don't expect to script a desktop stack and magically have it on the
server, that is not how it will work. My idea is that the stack script will
become a RevServer page. Some controls will RPC back to the server. Right
now I will not attempt conversions into JS.

RevImpossible is just a way to code a whole website from inside LiveCode
IDE, it is not a desktop to web converter. It will make each card into its
own page. It will output stack script and card script as server side
components. It will remove the compile cycle since RevImpossible is powered
by RevOnRockets so it works from inside the IDE itself while you are coding,
you tweek your layout and code and refresh the browser, just that. When
happy, you export the whole thing and upload it.

RevImpossible does not attempt to be a way to build full web portals or make
the new google, it is a quick way to prototype sites and to create small
medium websites.

and no, it is not ready, I named it RevImpossible for a reason, but it is
going places...

I will shortly begin fundraising campaings for this project and others. This
will be a commercial project but those that contribute during the
fundraising for development period will receive big discounts and even full
licenses once it is released. More details to come during the next days...
(I am using RevImpossible to create the RevImpossible page...)


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