[OT ??] OpenXION

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 18:19:32 EDT 2011


"What? No GUI, no IDE. Are you serious?

You are correct. There is no IDE or GUI, and yes, we are very serious! 
Many of us think that the command line and any simple text editor are 
the most productive and trouble-free environments for programming."

Well, one can do THAT with LiveCode in any text-editor if one really 
wants you (I just mucked around with a 5000+ line script in Appleworks), 
but I do feel that an xTalk dielect without a GUI or IDE is somehow 
rather missing the point.

"How do I create a GUI for my app? I don't know. OpenXION has no 
built-in GUI capabilities, but it is built to be extended. Unless 
Rebecca already has this in the works, we will need to find a volunteer 
willing to write an external to GTK, Qt, or one of the other GUI frameworks"

BIG turn off.

Surely the BIG THING about Hypercard-Supercard-Metacard-Livecode is the 

90% of modern programming for PCs and Handhelds requires a GUI.

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