mouseDoubleUp issues

Andrew Kluthe andrew at
Mon Jun 20 14:22:40 EDT 2011

Hello :),

Using RevEnterprise 4.0, I have a mouseDoubleUp handler that I ended up
placing into a data grid table.

on mouseDoubleUp pMouseBtnNum
   if pMouseBtnNum is 1 then
      send "PopulatePaymentGrid" to this stack in 2 milliseconds
   end if
   if pMouseBtnNum is 3 then
   end if

   pass mouseDoubleUp
end mouseDoubleUp

Simply put, if a row is left double clicked it will bring up a modal edit
screen for that payment. If it is double-right clicked it will delete the
payment from a database.

The strange thing is that it tries to run these statements regardless of
where you click on the card. Any object being double clicked calls this up.

I am sure that the only place these statements are called are from this

Why can any control on the card and the card itself be the target of this



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