the mouseText and Unicode: CONCLUSION

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Le 19 juin 2011 à 17:24, Slava Paperno a écrit :

> Glad to hear that, Pierre. I, too, think that html entities are an
> abomination.
> I use SQLite for my bilingual texts in LC (dictionary entries), and it's
> working very well. Haven't used PostgreSQL yet. For my onlne databases I use
> MS SQL Server and ColdFusion.

PostgreSQL is just a very reliable ACID-SQL platform but, as long as i remember my NT4-Metacard-Apache-MS SQL time, MS SQL, is too, as its Sybase ASE origins suggest, is't ? ;-)
> If you have any experience with DataGrids and Unicode, please share.

Sorry,  i did't handle this kind of way to handle data for yet but if it comes on desk,... :-)

A good day : i learned "Kindly" :D
> Kindly,
> Slava
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>> Thanks for your fantastic work, Slava !
>> I had to hack the LC htmltext features to build recent web apps and
>> it's yet sure that i will become able to replace all this stuff with
>> your UNICODE way to go. In using your method, it become simple to store
>> data in UTF8 format inside PostgreSQL and this will make a clear and
>> useful difference.
>> Kind regards,
>> Pierre
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