the mouseText and Unicode: CONCLUSION

Slava Paperno slava at
Sun Jun 19 09:17:59 CDT 2011

Доброе утро, Бернд! An article from Pravda? I like your sense of humor. The ultimate tolerance test for a LiveCode script.

Thanks for the lock-screen idea. Nice touch.

Yes, I think I will file this with the Quality Control Center--as you say, just a reminder: давай работай! I've already posted my script in the Beginners forum, with your name mentioned (among others).

See you soon, I'm sure. I haven't yet attacked tables or, God help me, DataGrids :)


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> Hi Slava,
> Congratulations.
> It works very nicely and fast. If you add a lock screen/unlock screen
> you
> shave off a couple of milliseconds which would pay off hugely in the
> long
> run for the days you had to spend solving that... :)
> Of course I still don't understand unicode so the HTML version I tried
> was a
> measly attempt to solve this. It still works but is slower. I even
> downloaded an article from the pravda to test your and my version -> no
> difference. Accessing the htmlText of a char is definitely slower than
> what
> you do.
> I have the impression that Livecode gets the HTMLText of mixed
> unicode/roman
> texts right just not the chunking etc
> Maybe you could even file a bug report with your findings, you have a
> nice concise stack that shows the problem and that would remind Runrev of
> I wonder what exactly is the difference of pasted text to any other
> method of putting text into the field. Mark did not elaborate on that.
> Kind regards
> Бернд
> (thanks to google)
> I don't speak many languages but can make-up the noise of many, does
> that
> count as multlingual? :)

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