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Sat Jun 18 09:50:51 EDT 2011

Hi Lars,

If you can't get revFontLoad to work, you might use the Installer Maker (link in signature) to install your entire application including the font. Currently, you can get a license for Installer Maker at a 25% discount at

If you are determined to get revFontLoad to work, then you might want to post your script.

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On 18 jun 2011, at 15:42, Lars Brehmer wrote:

> For years now I have from time to time tried to get revFontLoad to work in Windows. This particular font requires no licensing.
> I have spent the day trying one more time. I have read and re-read every post to this list that contains either "revFontLoad" or "embedding fonts." and I still cannot figure it out. Is there a step-by-step explanation anywhere (for dummies), or a turorial (for dummies?) I simply want to avoid making a user install the font.
> Cheers!
> Lars

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