the mouseText and Unicode

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sat Jun 18 06:28:14 EDT 2011

>>> Is there an equivalent to the mouseText, or the mouseChunk, or the
>>> mouseCharChunk that is Unicode-aware? Or some ingenious way to retrieve the
>>> word that the user clicked?

doing THIS:

on mouseDown
   set the useUnicode to true
   set the unicodeText of fld "fEND" to the unicodeText of the clickText
end mouseDown

only works with the FIRST word!

changing  clickText  to  clickChunk  gets exactly the same result.

so, here I am mucking around with itemDelimiter..........................

the Documentation states that I can write this:

set the itemDelimiter to numToChar(32)

but this throws a bug message: " execution eror . . . (Chunk: source is 
not a character) near " ", char 4

which would suggest the Docs are wrong ???????

these:  set the itemDelimiter to " "  / set the itemDelimiter to space

also result in NO JOY.

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