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Sat Jun 18 03:01:00 EDT 2011

Envoyé de mon iPad

Le 18 juin 2011 à 07:11, Ken Ray <kray at> a écrit :

>> Please let me know so I can update it; I'm trying to keep up with all the
> custom controls that have been created to make it easier for everyone to
> find the controls they need.

Hello Ken,

I have two other custom controls (?):
The old "Spinning wheel" > see RevOnline, and
The new "Circular Slider Store" > also on RevOnline...
I hope make modifications to "Spinning wheel" and to "HudPanel" for make them compatible (draggable) with DropTools Palette...
But there is some work...
But they are "open source" and if anyone else feels courage...  ;-)
For Circular slider it is not the same: it is just a compilation of unmodifiable object...
bon souvenir de Paris

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