thanks for the tools

Ken Ray kray at
Sat Jun 18 01:11:28 EDT 2011

> Kens XML Lib saved my life many times but what I want to talk right now is
> about DropTools. Since I installed it, I became much happier and I am
> already thinking about building and sharing new controls. The architecture
> is easy and simple just the way it should be. Ken, Drop Tools Rock! (I wish
> I could replace LiveCode toolbar with DropTools toolbar and
> have a single place to drag controls from)

Thanks a lot, Andre! I'm looking forward to whatever DropTools you make - I
know they'll be great! (Just let me know so I can put them up on the
DropTools site... :D )

BTW: If anyone knows of any custom controls that haven't been made into
DropTools that aren't listed on this page:

Please let me know so I can update it; I'm trying to keep up with all the
custom controls that have been created to make it easier for everyone to
find the controls they need.



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