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On 6/15/11 11:09 AM, Timothy Miller wrote:

> I think maybe the way to do it is to make a scrolling group of
> several empty picture placeholders -- "image areas" is the correct
> terminology, I guess. For each card, I'll store a list of locations
> of desired images in a field. (The locations will be on my hard disk,
> "outside" of LiveCode.) When the card opens a script will read
> through the field and put the images in the image areas, by setting
> the "source."
> That will work won't it?

That's how I'd do it. In fact, I have a commercial client product that 
does exactly that. Make sure you set the lockLoc of each image object to 
true so it won't auto-resize when you set its content.

> There will be complications arising from different image sizes and
> shapes. Image areas resize to fit the "source" image. I suppose I
> could get the image rects, after setting the sources, then move them
> around by script so they don't overlap. Or, to keep it simple, I
> could use an image editor to make the source images all the same
> size.

Lock the screen, set the image filename, get the formattedheight and 
formattedwidth of the image, and then write a function to get the 
smallest ratio that will fit. Apply that ratio to the horiztonal and 
vertical dimensions and then set the size of the image to the new 

> I'm still interested in hearing other suggestions.
> As I recall, it's possible to get a field to display an image, though
> I can't remember how. It's probably not possible to get multiple
> images to display in one scrolling field, though. True?

You can show as many images in a field as you want, but I wouldn't even 
consider this approach. You'd still need invisible dummy images on the 
card to serve as the source material, you'd still need to resize them to 
fit into the dimensions you want to display, and then after all that 
you'd need to add an additional step to insert them into the field. 
There's no reason not to just display the images themselves in a 
scrolling group.

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