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Wed Jun 15 12:46:54 EDT 2011

On Jun 15, 2011, at 10:34 AM, Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> So; I wrote this to Timothy Miller:-
>> on mouseUp
>> clone card "TWEETY"
>> set the name of card "TWEETY" to "TWEETY2"
>> --obviously this is a bit daft, you could have a field that counts the 
>> cards and assigns them numbers as they are cloned---
>> {this is where you can have your import routine}
>> select all
>> --this is where I get stuck as I cannot, for the life of me find out 
>> the language equivalents of
>> the alignment commands in the Obj. Inspector--
>> group the selected
>> call it "BLUETIT"
>> move group "BLUETIT" to 400,400 --always supposing your stack is 
>> 800,800--
>> set the width of group "BLUETIT" to 700
>> set the height of group "BLUETIT" to 600
>> set the hScrollbar of field "BLUETIT" to true
>> end mouseUp
> and, later in the day began to feel queasy because of
> "find out the language equivalents of
> the alignment commands in the Obj. Inspector"
> did some digging in the dox and got nowhere . . .
> does anybody know them and/or where to find them?

As far as I know, the alignment tools in the object inspector are simply implementing common 'set the x of obj y to the x of obj z' statements. EG.,

set the left of button 1 to the left of button 2 -- which button is the anchor being determined by which object was selected first.

If I'm wrong about this I'd like to know.


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