BackgroundBehavior Question OR a bug

Devin Asay devin_asay at
Wed Jun 15 12:30:31 EDT 2011

On Jun 15, 2011, at 9:33 AM, Timothy Bleiler wrote:

> Hi,
> The backgroundBehavior property of groups appears to work differently  
> on Mac vs Windows, Livecode version 4.6.1. On Mac, backgroundBehavior  
> can be toggled between true and false at any time. On Windows  
> BackgroundBahavior must always be true IF the group is on more than  
> one card. If you try to change the BackgroundBehavior to false for a  
> group that is on more than one card on windows the engine throws an  
> error. On Mac, it can be changed with no problem. Am I missing  
> something or may this be a bug?

Hi Tim,

I'm not seeing this on Mac with LC 4.6.1. The checkbox to change the property is disabled if the group is on > 1 card, and trying to set it to false in the message box does indeed throw an error. Might you perhaps have been running a slightly older version when this happened? As I recall, this change (enforcing backgroundBehavior = true on all groups placed on > 1 card) only came into effect in 4.6.0.



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