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--- On Mon, 6/13/11, Maarten Koopmans <maarten.koopmans at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a way to send or receive multicast in livecode? I
> want to use that
> with a TTL=2 so devices on the same network can discover
> each other
> (cross-platform).
> Thanks,
> Maarten

Hi Maarten,

LiveCOde has no built-in support for multicast, but you could try UDP datagram broadcasting instead. If you're looking for an implementation of Zeroconf (aka Bonjour in Apple parlance), you might consider using a separate Java process to leverage the JmDNS library.

I wrote up a blog post a while back:
And I refined it slightly for my RunRevLive.11 presentation on Extending LiveCode with Java, for which you can download the source code here:

Of course this won't work on a platform that lacks a Java runtime (iOS) but it's a great feature for any desktop application.


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