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Keith Clarke keith.clarke at clarkeandclarke.co.uk
Tue Jun 14 05:58:16 EDT 2011

Agreed - and revIgniter is wonderful, too. But cloud services built in this environment are not sellable to Enterprise customers if the underlying server is an unknown technology, stagnating in a pre-beta release state. 

If revServer is really as good as we all think, why hasn't RunRev released it into production, with a great song and dance? Despite the recent mobile frenzy, cloud computing is still very much 'in' and an Enterprise-class platform upon which folks can build cloud apps should be an asset to RunRev's portfolio. So, what is holding them back from releasing a potential money-spinner? That worries me.

Meanwhile, If others are happy to run production services for paying customers on beta software, that's their choice - good luck to them.

On 14 Jun 2011, at 10:26, Pierre Sahores wrote:

> LC-Server is a professional grade server-side engine, no less, no more...

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