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Pierre Sahores psahores at free.fr
Tue Jun 14 05:19:33 EDT 2011

Le 14 juin 2011 à 09:30, Keith Clarke a écrit :

> and those investing in the revServer prerelease programme have the right to be quite miffed; having received no ROI.

LC-Server is a mostly amazing great server-side solution "as is". It's, in my experience, lots most advanced than JBoss, Tomcat or PHP5, in main cases.

It's the sole server-side solution providing us a way to replace the UML / OOP / MVC approach with a procedural / functional way to design and code great "n-tier" solutions "à la LISP". This is the key point witch can push the LC-Server to become one of the most important server-side solution over the decade. Why ? Because, in my mind / experience at least, modern "n-tier" apps need to rely, in about their main architecture, on a "IA + modularity" paradigm" :

- Instead of "UML / OOP / MVC", i prefer, for my own, think about "data, rules, inference engine" for the core kernel controller and "semantic data-driven modularity" for the Business logic modules of my "n-tier" applications. I designed a global methodology, one year ago, to integrate those concepts in an adapted way to get the most power we can output from LC-Server. This paper need to be expanded and revisited and is, unfortunaly, still not available as an english translated version. You can get its french issue there : <http://www.sahores-conseil.com/lbpso.pdf> . If some one is interested to work with me to provide an english translation, thanks to drop me a line off-list ;-)

- LC-server is, along the less usable IBM Rexx, the sole n-tier development environment letting us design and code, at once, Saas and Web apps build on top of a "flow algorithm" plan basis, where all the dismemberment of the complexity of the business logic, the presentation logic and the data processing logic can be perfectly modeled and represented at once.

- LC server is the sole n-tier development environment letting us code solutions where the business logic and the presentation logic can be dynamically build and updated all along the live cycle of the n-tier application in using a client-side editor and semantic commands our customers can understand and use them self to update their apps instead of having to ask again to the computer's guys (ISV or engineering companies) to update the app by etching in stone the expected change from an update of the app's specifications rules.

LC-server is a revolutionary way to code a new kind of n-tier apps. After Perl, after PHP, after Java, etc..., LC-Server puts in the hand of the "n-tier" apps software development engineering amazing new ways to go and i just hope that this incredible opportunity will be seen as it merits by enough developers to provide to the market the needed visibility and let us promote LC-Server a "the way to go" in the mind of small and big customers.

We just need some more "out of the box" options support :

- DB updated drivers for PostgreSQL 8.4.3 and above, Oracle
- irev / stacks encryption
- ability to deploy the server elsewhere : on the Linux, BSD and Solaris platforms, instead of only, for yet, on the RHE Linux / CentOS platforms

and in about product line communication :

- a strategy for effective and proactive press relations from RunRev about its very undervalued LC-server product
- an real ambitious marketing plan for the LC-Server technology

to get the final solution seen as it can / have to be seen by the market, even against the big operators of the "n-tier market offer" whose prefer, for yet, the way to act by etching in stone the expected changes from an update of the app's specifications rules, giving them the yoke of the largest passive dependency, the greatest possible own ignorance to keep their customers in the role of victimized payers as long as they can pay for sad unproductive development time and low-level work.

About an active example of web applications generator saas build on top of LC-Server, fill free to visit www.widestep.fr

2 cts,

Pierre Sahores
mobile : (33) 6 03 95 77 70


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