[OT] dialect divergence?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Jun 13 15:31:30 CDT 2011

Richmond Mathewson wrote:
> While Supercard and Livecode share a common heritage, is it wise to
> assume that
> their dialects of HyperTalk have diverged to the point where it is
> extremely difficult to
> modify the code in one to work adequately in the other?

Unfortunately the most concise answer is "sometimes".

Much of all three dialects are similar enough that code can be copied 
and pasted, esp. where it avoids references to different object model 
elements (no vector graphics in HC, many different controls in SC).

But even then, things like "repeat for each" will work in LC and SC but 
not in HC, and array notation is unique among them to LC.

Just enough differences that I tell my clients that if they're going to 
port to multiple platforms with LC, it's more cost-effective and 
produces more efficient code to use LC for everything, even Mac.

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