How to structure HTML text (tags and attributes) for processing in LiveCode?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Sun Jun 12 07:14:07 EDT 2011

I've got the HTML source into a reasonable shape for processing with line and item chunk expressions by using:

put field "fld Page Source Code" into tHTML
replace "/div>" with "/div>" & return in tHTML
replace "/tr>" with "/tr>" & return in tHTML
replace "/td>" with "/td>" & tab in tHTML
filter tHTML with <strings that isolate only the interesting, data-laden table rows>

So, I can now have line-level chunk expressions mapped to divs and table row tags, together with item-level expressions for iterating through the tags and their attributes within table rows. Nice!

Now the rich seams have been revealed, it's time to start digging out them there nuggets! :-) 

On 12 Jun 2011, at 11:56, Keith Clarke wrote:

> Thanks for the steer Stephen - I have Remo but hadn't discovered Jerry's tutorials before. Much to study there.
> The screen-scraping lessons start from the premise that the HTML source is already reasonably structured into lines - for filtering, etc - so it doesn't help with my challenge of getting the page source into the state where I can apply some of these techniques.
> However, it did make me think of experimenting with the replace function - replace "/*>" with "/*>" & return in tHTML - to soft-wrap the HTML by tag. 
> So, I think I'm on the right track now.
> Best,
> Keith..

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