5000 lines of code

Geoff Canyon Rev gcanyon+rev at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 16:16:00 EDT 2011

Richmond, you could rewrite that to be much more efficient, both in code,
and I'm guessing in performance.

Instead of this:

case (numToChar(2339) & numToChar(2325))
set the unicodeText of fld "fPROC" to numToChar(61953)
put 2 into DDROP
case (numToChar(2339) & numToChar(2326))
set the unicodeText of fld "fPROC" to numToChar(61954)
put 2 into DDROP
case (numToChar(2339) & numToChar(2327))
set the unicodeText of fld "fPROC" to numToChar(61955)


Do this:

First, set up a custom property (or preference file, if you like). It should
contain this:

numToChar(2339) & numToChar(2325) & tab & numToChar(61953)
numToChar(2339) & numToChar(2326) & tab & numToChar(61954)
numToChar(2339) & numToChar(2327) & tab & numToChar(61955)


Then during startup, do this:

global fPROCTable
put the fPROCCustomProc of this stack into fPROCTable
split fPROCTable by cr and tab

Then, in place of that amazing switch statement, use this one line of code:

set the unicodeText of fld "fPROC" to subTable[the unicodeText of fld

If you also want to set DDROP then you could tweak that first array or just
create a second array, which is probably better. The line of code for that
would be something like:

if DDROPTable[the unicodeText of fld "fBUILT"] is not empty then
put DDROPTable[the unicodeText of fld "fBUILT"] into DDROP



On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 10:13 AM, Richmond Mathewson <
richmondmathewson at gmail.com> wrote:

> If anybody really cares here is a PDF of the code in
> ONE object in my Devawriter Pro: read it and weep . . .  :)
> http://andregarzia.on-rev.com/**richmond/PRO/KODE/5000.pdf<http://andregarzia.on-rev.com/richmond/PRO/KODE/5000.pdf>
> you never know; you might learn something, get a headache, or both!
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