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On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 5:57 AM, Alessandro Pisoni
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> I have a button that creates a row in my datagrid but I would be
> automatically moves to the specific field in that row. how can I do?
> on mouseup
>   put the dgNumberOfLines of group "ElencoTelefoni" + 1 into theLineNo
>   dispatch "addLine" to group "ElencoTelefoni" with theRowData,
> theDataColumns, theLineNo
>  ??????????
> end mouseup

Use EditKey or EditKeyOfIndex.

dispatch "EditKey" to group "ElencoTelefoni" with "FieldName", theLineNo

Doing so will trigger the EditValue message in your row behavior and you can
then open the field for editing.

Take a look at this lesson for more info.

Trevor DeVore
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