Using Datagrids with 'stackrunner' like launcher.

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> I can then use any of these stacks anywhere with no IDE.  Very nice except
> I
> can't seem to make datagrids work on stacks that are used this way.  I was
> able to ascertain that indeed the substack with the datagrid template was
> there. But the datagrid just won't respond.
> I've tried start-using but it seems to have no effect.
> I've read the piece on how to add the datagrid to stacks assembled in the
> standalone creator,  however this is different.
> I don't change the splash stack - everything other than the engine and
> libraries live in the current stack.
> How do I connect the datagrid to the substack in this situation?  It's a
> drag to have two pieces , but since this is on the same stack file,
> shouldn't this just work?

You just need to make sure that the revDataGridLibrary stack file is loaded
into memory BEFORE any of the stacks that use data grids are loaded. This is
required so that the behaviors attached to the data grid resolve properly
when the engine opens the stacks.

After getting the path to the revDataGridLibrary stack file just issue this
command before loading any other stacks:

put there is a stack thePathToDataGridStackFile into

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