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> James,
> If "it" is empty, in other words if the shell function doesn't return a value, it means that the textutil command didn't produce any errors. Have a look at the folder containing the original file. It should also contain the new file.
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> On 9 jun 2011, at 19:29, James Hurley wrote:

Mark and Klaus,

Thanks for your response. This is a new behavior for me, a command creating a file instead of returning a value.

I did find the files you suggested. Same as the original except the suffix is changed from .doc to .rft  That looked promising. 

But when I get url "file:theFilePath" of that RTF file in order to import it into a LC field, I get a lot of formatting code in the field. Opening that file in TextEdit  or Word give a much better result.

But it is no where near the formatting quality one gets from copying the text from within Word and then pasting it into a  LC field.


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