Reconnecting a stack's datagrid with its template in a stackrunner situation

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Thu Jun 9 20:40:37 EDT 2011

Hi Gang I'm still grinding away at this thing. Maybe I didn't describe the
situation very well.
or else it's impossible. To recap

I'm trying to get a Datagrid to work in a stack that works fine by itself in
the IDE (with the datagrid template in a substack), but fails to work in a
"Stackrunner" style stack launcher.

My launcher is an application that includes all the libraries and engine and
a base stack, and provides a listing area to choose a stack to 'GO' to .
This thing works great and I can store them online and use my utility stacks
without having to compile. It's an expansion of an idea by Ken Ray.

However, Datagrids, as discussed earlier, seem to break under these
conditions. Why, I don't know.
I put a command line kind of diagnostic field in the app so I could check
out more.

I can see the substack and its templates  exist by using commands in my fake
'message box' I put in the stack for diagnostics, while running in
stackrunner mode. By the way, this stack functions as designed in the
'suspend IDE controls' mode.

I've tried  (per the docs for expanding the same template to many grids)

*set the dgprops["row template"] of group "OutputGrid" to the long id of
group id 1006 of card id 1005 of stack "Data Grid Templates 1307301831663"
of stack "onlinelistmanager"*

(grp 1006 is the "Row Template")

With no error, but the grid is lifeless. Can't scroll, can't put data in

There must be a methodical way to re-connect the datagrid with the template
in the substack. Is there more to re-connect that the Row Template?   This
is a stock table style datagrid.

Is there more datagrid 'stuff'  that needs to be included that gets added by
the standalone builder?
(and yes I've seen the lesson that deals with 'splash stacks' - this is
different in that each stack needs it's dedicated template to come in with
the stack)

These datagrids are sensitive - they don't like me monkeying around.

thanks in advance for any advice.


Stephen Barncard
San Francisco Ca. USA

more about sqb  <>

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