LIVECODE running in LION

David C. davidocoker at
Thu Jun 9 18:41:36 EDT 2011

> truth be said: Microsoft makes great video games, the XBOX 360 is a great
> machine for both players and developers but on the other hand, their desktop
> computing business.... well... you know

Perhaps we can convince Microsoft to start building their own
proprietary hardware, just like Apple, then make sure that their OS
and related software won't run on anything else, so that comparing
"Apples" to "Everything" would really be possible. Then the "dye in
the wool fan-boys" for both companies could argue about which company
has the worst policies and EULA, thereby exerting the most control
over their respective fandoms. The winner of the argument would
deserve what they won.

The majority of us would move on to Linux and a happier existence.

Wishful thinking....

Best regards,
David C.

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