Local files in revBrowser

John Dixon dixonja at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Jun 9 08:03:16 EDT 2011

I wonder if someone could shed some light on a problem I am having. The script below works fine running under MacOSX, but it does not want to work running under Windows ?.. 

If having the stack would help, I would send it to you.

I am really stumped... any help would be appreciated.

local browserID

on preOpenStack
   set itemDel to "/" 
   set the defaultfolder to item 1 to -2 of (the effective fileName of this stack)
   set the loc of this stack to screenLoc()
end preOpenStack

on openCard
   /* get the path to the html file */
   put  the defaultFolder & "/mapFolder/map.html" into adJustWindows
   /* replace the spaces, if there are any, in the URL filepath */
   replace space with "%20" in adjustWindows
   /* set up the browser instance */
   put revBrowserOpen (the windowId of this stack, "file:///" & adjustWindows) into browserID
   revBrowserSet browserID, "scrollbars", false
   revBrowserSet browserID, "showborder", true
   revBrowserSet browserID, "rect",rect of image "browserimage"
end openCard

on resizeStack
   /* keep the browser 16 pxs from the bottom to be able to get to the resize window box */
   set the rect of image "browserImage" to 0, 0 & "," & (the width of this stack) & "," & (the height of this stack -16 )
   revBrowserSet browserID, "rect", rect of image "browserImage"
   pass resizeStack
end resizeStack

on closeCard
   /* destroy the browser instance when the card closes */
   if browserID is not empty then revBrowserClose browserID
end closeCard

take care,


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