LIVECODE running in LION

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Wed Jun 8 12:14:12 EDT 2011

On 6/8/11 10:37 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> René Micout wrote:
>> Yes I know, but in Lion (like in iOS) only the dark part of the scroll
>> bar is visible, not the "pipe..." (?)
> I started to write one of my TL/DR posts in reply, but as a courtesy to
> the subscribers here I decided to just post it at the LiveCode Journal
> blog instead:
> <>

Android scrollbars also disappear when not in use. I suppose there are 
two schools of thought on that. On one hand, you can't immediately see 
where you are in the document, but on the other hand, a quick touch 
brings that up and the remainder of the time the scrollbars stay out of 
the way. I don't mind that.

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