the hilitedLine of list field isn't highlighted

Slava Paperno slava at
Mon Jun 6 12:23:26 CDT 2011


You're responding to "email script" with obvious goofs, sorry--but a little
later I posted a link to a working demo that shows the problem:

My tests are in Windows 7, but someone on the list confirmed that the demo
fails the same way on his Mac. Does it fail for you?

Thanks for thinking about this,


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> On 6/5/11 12:19 AM, Slava Paperno wrote:
> > I have a list field ("MyListField") with a rawKeyDown handler that
> tells me
> > which line is the hilitedLine after every key press.
> >
> > on rawKeyDown parKey
> >    put return&  the hilitedLine of me after msg
> >    pass rawKeyDown parKey
> > end of rawKeyDown
> Probably a typo, but "end of rawkeydown" throws a compiler error. Also,
> when passing a message, you don't need to include the parameter(s),
> those go along automatically. "pass rawKeyDown" is enough, though I see
> it doesn't seem to matter if it's there; likely the engine is ignoring
> it.
> > When I press the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys, I see in the message
> box that
> > the hilitedLine is changing as expected, but the actual highlight in
> the
> > field is not moving: the top line always remains highlighted.
> >
> > The listBehavior property is true.
> >
> > This weird behavior starts when I use this command:
> >
> > focus on field "MyListField"
> I just tested this and it's behaving okay for me. The focus command
> doesn't make any difference, the hilite changes normally when arrow
> keys
> are pressed. Your field has "autohilite" set to true, right? Do you
> have
> any arrowKey handlers that might be blocking the arrow keys?
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