SMIL and QuickTime

Klaus on-rev klaus at
Mon Jun 6 12:11:44 EDT 2011

Hi friends,

anyone ever worked with SMIL and QuickTIme?

I have a strange problem :-/
This SMIL script literally stopped working over night???!!!

<smil xmlns:qt="" qt:autoplay="true" qt:time-slider="true"/>
			<root-layout width="720" height="576" background-color="#454545" />
			<region id="xx" left="0" top="0" width="720" height="576" fit="meet"/>
			<region id="video" left="0" top="0" width="100%" height="100%" fit="meet" />
			<video src="file:///Ablage/DVDs/MP4 etc/Centurion.mp4" region="video" clip-begin="npt=01:59" clip-end="npt=02:10"/>
			<video src="file:///Ablage/DVDs/MP4 etc/Aufforderung zum Tanz.mp4" region="video" clip-begin="smpte=00:00:59:00" clip-end="npt=02:01"/>

I could open it in QuickTIme player (7.xx!) and in a player object in LiveCode
and both of these video sequences were played the way I wrote in the SMIILE file.

But then some weeks ago it just stopped working!
QT Player opens the file but I do not see any video.
Using a SMIL file with audio-only files works however!?

Any hints or ideas?

OS X 10.6.7, LiveCode 4.6.1
Latest QuickTime version of course


Klaus Major
klaus at

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