Saving downloaded zip file: cpgz file type

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Mon Jun 6 11:22:15 EDT 2011

Hi Keith,

Your zip file is corrupt. First of all, replace "file:" with "binfile:".

It is possible that the revXML external can't cope with binary data. In that case, your zip file will stay corrupt and you'll have to retrieve the data manually.

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On 6 jun 2011, at 17:03, Keith Clarke wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm downloading a zip file via a web service call - the file is embedded as a long string within the ...<result><zipFile> node of the XML file, accompanied by a set of nodes that name the (xml text) files that I should find within the zipped payload. 
> So, I save this string out to to disk with...
> put revXMLNodeContents(tTree, tResultNode & "/zipFile/") into URL ""
> This creates a zip file on disk OK, but when when I open the archive, instead of a list of files, I get a .cpgz file - and attempting to open this causes some weird recursion. (I get the same result if I use the URL 'binfile' prefix.)
> What am I doing wrong here - am I using the correct syntax or failing to encode/decode for the zip file definition string?
> Best,
> Keith..

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