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If I understand correctly, couldn't you get the menuHistory and reference data in a custom property? Say you had three choices in the menu, "Apple,Orange,Grape", and three lines in a custom property called "taste", "Good,better,best". If you select "Orange", a menuPick handler could be:

answer line the menuHistory of me of the taste of me

This would return "better". You can map one list to another this way.

Craig Newman

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I have another simple question. In HTML for example, when I set up an Option
menu I can set both the Name and the Value of the each of the options in the
list.  This give me a way to display one thing to the use but reference a
different value on selection of that item.

In Live Code I can only set one value, not two.

This seems to me to be a rather common requirement. If I am asking users to
select something in the menu, I want to show them something Nice but
actually use a unique ID of some sort when they select it. So I am curious
if the community has arrived at a common way of solving this common problem.



Todd Geist
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