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Sat Jun 4 13:25:12 EDT 2011

On 6/4/11 8:01 AM, Keith Clarke wrote:

> Rather, I want to understand why the images I import into an 'images'
> card in a 'resources' substack in my app's MainStack don't appear in
> the Image Library automagically - and what I can do to rectify this.

LiveCode does not assume that you want to share those images universally 
in all your stacks, which is what the Icon Libraries are for. In most 
cases, this is the correct behavior. Very few of my stacks contain icons 
that I need in other stacks. For those I do want available everywhere, I 
import them into a library.

The image library doesn't use inheritance, so if you want its "this 
stack" pane to show your substack you'll need to toplevel the substack 
first. Then it becomes "this stack" and its images will appear.

But do you really want those in a universal library? You can do the same 
thing with the icon chooser when setting icons for a particular button. 
The icon chooser also has a "this stack" pane.

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