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Fri Jun 3 23:34:45 EDT 2011

On 6/3/11 2:13 PM, Melitón Cardona Torres wrote:
> How can I share revlets with other people?
> Could you indicate me where I can find concrete instructions? My
> security settings are right and I can see my revlets in my computer
> (they work perfectly) but when I share them with other people via
> MobileMe they can't access to them.

How are you sharing the files? Did you upload them to a web site? Or are 
you sending the files to other people?

In either case, they need to install the LiveCode web plugin, which is 
here: <>

If you've uploaded the html file and the revlet to a server, then they 
can go to that web page to see the revlet. If you are sending them files 
instead, then they should drop the html file onto their browser to see it.

There is one glitch with the web plugin at present; it does not work 
correctly in 64-bit mode. If your viewers get an error message, they may 
need to launch their browser in 32-bit mode.

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