Using Arrays

Van Brollini analog_test at
Fri Jun 3 21:09:09 EDT 2011

I have a datagrid of 1250 by 28 that has been successfully uploaded during the creation of the datagrid.

I can use this line
put the dgText of group "DGTester" into tArray
to move the datagrid into an array.  During debug process with breakpoint, this is successful.

Now when I try to read, modify, compute results I get nothing.

I have used get tArray[1][16] to query the array and get NULL.  
I have tried to put "3.79e-6" into tArray[1][16] and the whole array ends up NULL.

What do I need to do to access individual elements of the array, modify them and put their answers back into the array.  In C this is a piece of cake, however, LiveCode is not releasing her secrets to me as yet.


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