My first Livecode iOS App with Externals (SQLite) approved!

Andy Henshaw henshaw at
Fri Jun 3 19:48:19 EDT 2011

Thanks everyone.

I understand what you mean about the free / paid issue,  its really a guessing game with quite a lot of luck involved imo.  

Ive read normally for a standalone it seems best to push an app out free for the first 24 hours,  if you get sufficient downloads it pushes you into the 'whats hot' for about a week,  and that in itself can be worth giving the app away for for the first period.  Hopefully the app then gains reviews,  and that then makes a longer term app potential.  

If it all fails,  or the reviews are terrible then its a case of rework the app to iron out the issues people dont like,  then withdraw it under that name,  rebrand and re-release as a different app,  start all over again with a new identity.

In this case however I doubt any of the above will work,  the health sector is just too hard to crack and the chances of getting this app into the top 200 is beyond slim and if its buried even if I charged it would probably generate only a few $ a day at best.  

Instead,  my aim is to expand it to sync with my Perfect Diet Tracker desktop app, so for the moment Ill probably keep it free and get support built in to sync to the desktop app and hope some users will then download and install and buy that,  which may increase the sales there.

What ive noticed is some really good,  complex apps get slated,  while apps that are really simple and quite honestly awful sell,  its almost like there is no incentive to try to create apps with any sort of depth.


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