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On 06/03/2011 09:54 PM, Nonsanity wrote:
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>> Just to help you get the picture; remember Rikki Lake in "Hairspray", but
>> at 17, not 12, multiplied
>> by 25, chain-smoking outside and grinding the butts into the paving stones
>> with their sequinned
>> high-heels.
> Do they break out in spontaneous musical numbers? I think even Livecode
> would take second place to that... :)

Synchronised Coughing!

Most of these young "things" come out of school at break-time; 
chain-smoke while blethering
non-stop on their mobile-phones AND having conversations with one 
another at the same time.

If they could put their amazing ability to multitask to some 
constructive use they could go far.

The Rikki Lake analogy was more in reference to their hairstyles 
(Plovdiv, Bulgaria is at the
leading edge of a hair-hopper revival) than the rather catchy music of 
the film (one of my
favourite bad movies, by the way). Come to think of it, the headmistress 
has more than
a passing resemblance to Divine in his role as Rikki Lake's Mum. And, as 
Bulgaria is a deeply
racially divided society I suppose "Tilted Acres" would go down rather 
well over here . . .  :)

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>   ~ Nonsanity
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