How to to ell if a stack is loaded as a plugin

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Jun 2 16:29:33 EDT 2011

>> In fact I think any test based on the directory wouldn't be so good.  There
>> would always be the chance that you opened through the file browser.
> A plugin is just a stack that can be conveniently opened by placing it
> in the Plugins folder.
> If you take it out of the folder, that distinction is lost.

So that means that your directory-based test is the way to go, something

put revEnvironmentPluginsPath() into tPlugPath1
put revEnvironmentUserPlugsinPath() into tPlugPath2
put the fileName of the mainstack of <stackRef> into tFileName
if (char 1 to length(tPlugPath1) of tFileName = tPlugPath1) or \
  (char 1 to length(tPlugPath2) of tFileName = tPlugPath2) then
  -- it's a plugin
  -- it isn't
end if

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