Cyrillic input

Malte Brill revolution at
Wed Jun 1 12:05:46 CDT 2011

Thanks for the feedback all!

Still struggeling with a few things though.

Scenario is as follows: I talk to a server that always sends UTF8. The data sent is XML. While we were using Western European languages only this all worked just fine. Now that the app needs to support Russian, there is quite a bit of trouble and refactoring of code needed to be done. Basically quite often I need to work with data returned from the server in a variable (I read the node contents and process data as necessary. Quite often this involves working with chunks of said data. (line 2 to -1 of / char 1 to 7 of... which completely throws me at the moment. I need to see if the script Ron posted saves me somehow, but per design the application was build with quite a few set the text of fld "blah" to chunkOfDataRetrievedFromXML or even worse put chunkRetrievedFromXML into fld "blah". This makes switching everything to unicode not too easy. Also with a russian keyboard layout suddenly rawKeyDown and keyDown do not fire anymore. So my numbersOnly and password fields do not work anymore. This is rather painful and I need to find a solution there too.  Seems that chunks only work reliable when you work in ANSI mode, as I do not appear to be able to say set the UnicodeText of fld "test" to line 2 to -1 of UTF16String. Not too much of a happy camper at the moment.

All the best,


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