[ANN] iPhone Control Kit 0.1.0

Andreas Rozek Andreas.Rozek at HyMeSys.com
Wed Jun 1 11:41:42 EDT 2011


I would like to introduce my current project:

The "iPhone Control Kit for LiveCode" contains numerous LiveCode objects which emulate the Look-and-Feel of native iPhone controls and, thus, simplifies the development of native iPhone apps which follow Apple's "Human Interface Guidelines".

Besides the basic Look-and-Feel emulation, every control also offers additional functionality which speeds up the design and customization process within the LiveCode IDE. Finally, a simple but effective geometry handling mechanism allows for automatic layout of controls when the device's orientation or the content of a control has changed.

A similar kit for the iPad is currently under development and should become available soon.

The "iPhone Control Kit for LiveCode" may be downloaded and used freely in (commercial as well as non-commercial) projects - the software is published under the "MIT License" with the additional restriction that any modifications to the author's original version must be clearly marked in a way that the original author will never be considered as the author of these modifications!

The software should currently be considered as being in an early alpha stage - not all controls have already been implemented and/or unified and some (convenience) functions still have to be written. Nevertheless, you may already try it and play around with its contents.

Any kind of feedback is highly welcome - please send it directly to me (not to flood this list with a discussion about third-party software), unless you think it would be of general interest.

I'm currently writing the documentation (see, the current state may be fetched at

Kind regards,

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