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Sun Jul 31 12:44:03 CDT 2011

On 7/30/11 11:54 PM, Slava Paperno wrote:
> My stack has a menu bar built with the Menu Builder in the Tools menu. It is
> essentially a group of buttons use as a menu bar. When I open the stack in
> the IDE on Mac OS X, that menu replaces the standard LC IDE menu. No matter
> which mode I am in (Browse or Run), I cannot see the LC IDE menu in the Mac
> OS system menu bar. So nine of the IDE commands are available. I know this
> is a trivial situation in Mac OS, and there is a secret handshake that
> returns the IDE menu where it belongs. I even remember reading about this
> somewhere. But I can't find that now.

The IDE will replace the system menu with yours when your stack is 
frontmost. If you click on any IDE component (message box, tool palette, 
etc) the IDE menus will come back. It's dynamic.

To keep your menus in the stack window while you are developing:

   set the editmenus of this stack to true

That basically does the same thing as the checkbox in the menu builder. 
The editmenus property is not persistent across relaunches, so you'll 
need to set it each time you reopen the stack.

I generally work with editmenus set to true until I'm ready to test, 
then I turn it off.

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