lack of Mac OS X intuition: system menu

Slava Paperno slava at
Sun Jul 31 00:54:34 EDT 2011

My stack has a menu bar built with the Menu Builder in the Tools menu. It is
essentially a group of buttons use as a menu bar. When I open the stack in
the IDE on Mac OS X, that menu replaces the standard LC IDE menu. No matter
which mode I am in (Browse or Run), I cannot see the LC IDE menu in the Mac
OS system menu bar. So nine of the IDE commands are available. I know this
is a trivial situation in Mac OS, and there is a secret handshake that
returns the IDE menu where it belongs. I even remember reading about this
somewhere. But I can't find that now.

Thanks, Colin,


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> What is the Application menu? What things are in the LC menu.
> On Jul 30, 2011, at 10:54 PM, Slava Paperno wrote:
> > can someone please tell me how
> > to remove my application menu from the system menu bar and restore
> the LC
> > menu so I can do some work?

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