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Sat Jul 30 11:20:38 EDT 2011

On Jul 30, 2011, at 10:42 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Kay C Lan wrote:
>> I look in my wallet an there are a couple of notes and a couple of plastic
>> cards. The notes represent about 0.01% of iMoney I have in my account. I can
>> use those plastic cards to access the BankCloud and if the strangers at the
>> Bank are willing, the machine will give me more real money on a 1 to 1
>> reduction of my iMoney. Sometimes I don't even have to change iMoney into
>> real money, I just go to the shop and transfer iMoney from my account to
>> their iMoney account which all resides in the same BankCloud. Of course I
>> have to pay a 'rental' fee for the privilege of being able to access my
>> iMoney at virtually any time or shop. But then again, if a stranger at the
>> bank goes all Nick Leeson on me, the bank will collapse and my iMoney in the
>> BankCloud will disappear like the early morning stratocumulus, leaving me
>> without any real money.
>> Strange what we think we'd never do.
> Or even stranger, we could trust our money to so-called professional money managers who mishandle it so badly that the world economy is brought to the edge of collapse. ;)

I've always wondered why they're called "brokers" ... I think if I were in that line of work I'd find another way of describing it.

-- Peter

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