How/When are behavior references resolved?

Pete pete at
Sat Jul 16 19:13:09 EDT 2011

Thanks Sean, I just found that message eariler today and it will be useful
for standalones

I seem to be back in a stable situation again with the "start using" and
defining my behaviors stack filepath in the Stackfiles property.  I've tried
so many things in the last few hours, I honestly don;t know why it stopped
working in the first place and what I did to make it start working again.  I
hate that because if it happesn again, I will have no idea how to fix it but
for now, all is well!
Molly's Revenge <>

On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 3:08 PM, Shao Sean <shaosean at> wrote:

> For compiled applications you should make use of the "startUp" message to
> load libraries and whatnot that you need to have in memory for your
> application..
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