global variable change in substack not available to main stack

Slava Paperno slava at
Sun Jul 10 01:02:16 CDT 2011

In openCard script of the main stack:

global gBgColor
put 0, 0, 0 into gBgColor

In a button script in a substack:

on mouseUp
	global gBgColor

	answer color with gBgColor --white is selected
	put it into gBgColor

	put gBgColor & cr after msg
	--255, 255, 255
end mouseUp

In the Variables panel below script editor (after it is refreshed), gBgColor
is shown to be 0, 0, 0.

In the Message box:

put gBgColor
--0, 0, 0

In other words, the change to a global variable that is made in a substack
is not available to the global variable of the same name in a script in the
main stack.

Just last week I carefully followed the discussion of the use of global
variables (and even participated a little by quoting the User Guide on the
availability of globals to all substacks), but now I see the same problem
that was reported by the original poster.

Is it just me now? Or is it the late hour?


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