O/S Statistics and a SERIOUS Steak Dinner

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Jan 29 19:49:01 EST 2011

Calvin Waterbury wrote:

> Perhaps some clarification will help...
> This whole "statistics" thing is motivated by a *serious* steak dinner
> wager that was planned in 2004, courtesy of either myself or my friend.
> Back in '04 my friend and I entered into a wager about *where* which
> O/S's would be by 12/31/2015.  Now, the loser of this wager gets to
> treat the other to a *serious* steak dinner, i.e, the loser has to pay
> all costs, except the tip(s).  When I say *serious*, I mean the winner
> gets to choose the restaurant of his choice anywhere in the USA and the
> loser gets to foot the bill for both round trip airfares, car rentals,
> hotel, dinner, etc. It's all in fun, but I need to determine if my piggy
> bank is going to start needing some attention soon!  ;)
> The end result is I am looking for the *real* statistics (or as close as
> I can I get).  What I really want to know is...
> "How many servers/desktops/laptops/tablets/etc. are running how many
> O/S's today?"

Good news:  you both get to keep your money.

It's impossible to know with any certainty the absolute market share of 
any OS, more so with one that's free where most of the hardware it runs 
on came bundled with another OS.

Maybe you should still have that dinner, just go Dutch. :)

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