Rev Online Upload Problems

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If "VPS" is not an abbreviation for "Virtual Personal Server," please advise. 

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Dear Slug et al,

I think we're mixing a lot of things in here right now. First the OP asked
about Rev Online which is not RevServer. Rev Online is the little underused
network sharing stack we all love that lives inside LiveCode IDE and we use
to pick other people stacks.

RevServer (aka LiveCode Server Deployment Option) will not be affected by
the directives in the .htaccess file below:

> php_value post_max_size 20M
> php_value upload_max_filesize 20M
> where 20M (20 MBytes) is the new max size of this example.
Those entries are valid only for PHP and I believe no sane hosting company
will ever allow you to set those in a .htaccess file. Thos commands will be
prohibited and probably will render a 500 error. If anyone was allowed to do
that, you could set your limit to 45GB and then proceed to do concurrent
uploads of full Blueray Disks and starve the system of its resources, thus
creating a distributted denial of service, things everyone tries to avoid.

RevServer engine under On-Rev service have hardcoded limits for the
following items:

* script execution time, if it takes to long, kill it
* script memory usage, if it takes too much, kill it
* file upload, if it is too big, kill it

It uses a combination of factors regarding these issues before killing a
process and this is good. Runaway process hurt the whole server and its

The engine which is not released but you can buy from the store does not
have this hardcoded limits, so if you own your VPS, you could install it and
be happy. (PS: check with mothership if the limits are not in the engine
that is sold, this was true before but I haven't checked lately)


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